We have expertise in the following domains:
- Revenue Management
- Sales Contracting
- Human Resources
- Financial Services
- Brand Recommendation
- IT-Optimisation
- Marketing
- Management Company Services

Revenue Management

Optimisation of the balance between the average daily rate and the occupancy in order to optimize the RevPar (Revenu per Available Room) by using different representative market reports, forecasting tools and historical data.

Selecting the best performing distribution channels in order to minimize the distribution costs and maximize the net revenue.

Revenue optimisation support in pricing, yield techniques, business planning.

Sales Contracting

Actively contracting international leisure (individual and groups) & local corporate clients. New clients will be found, contracted at the best rates and followed up on production. Specific sales promotions will be taken when required, including cross selling.

A monthly report of offline- and online-channels is made analyzing in depth total turnover, occupation, average daily rate, RevPar, distribution channel performance and channel segmentation on the basis of which further sales actions are taken.

Human Resources

Providing professional Human Resources Services in line with company policy by selecting the right man on the right place by means of job interviews with the emphasis on company philosophy.

Organizing evolution- and evaluation interviews to make sure that your employees are constantly exceeding expectations.

Taking care of your wage administration and regulations, in coöperation with the social secretariat.

Financial Services

Organizing the whole invoicing process and debt control and giving advice on optimizing operational cost structure and audit suppliers.

Brand Recommendation

Offering advice based on specific company policy, needs and expectations, for the best franchise partner & brand.


Giving advice on optimizing the daily IT-infrastructure, including research, product evaluation, centralised applications en project management.


Creating a marketing plan with targeted sales-, pr- and marketing promotions, focused on the local market and executing this plan + reporting on a regular base by means of an extensive analysis report.

Management Company Services

Giving advice on choosing the right solution to guarantee continuity of the daily business of the managing company.  

Supporting the daily operational management by hiring an experienced general manager or by performing persistent operational control.

Partner Hotels

The current partner hotels of Dema Hotels are located on two prime sites in Antwerp.

Century Hotel Antwerpen Centrum: budget friendly concept

Quality Hotel Antwerpen Centrum Opera: stylish business concept

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